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It is hard to believe this site has been going since 2012 and is entering it’s 7th year. This site was inspired by Carl Arendt who passed away in 2011. This site was not meant as a replacement for Carl’s website but as another voice of Small Layout Advocacy.

Up until 2018, I supported the website out of my own pocket. Working as a web programmer gave me access to many free resources which helped to support the website. As of this year, I have changed careers and these resources are no longer available to me. I have also been forced to change where the website is hosted and recently completed the migration to a new server.

Because of these changes I will be introducing advertising to the website. it is my hope that I can keep the ads to a minimum and keep them from interfering with the content. If the advertising does detract from the site too much, I will remove it. I have considered asking for contributions but from experience, I know that does not provide a reliable source.

Some may think I am trying to “get rich” on this action. I can assure you, I am not. I am in hopes that the ads will generate just enough over the course of a year to pay for the hosting and the data fees. I would appreciate any feedback on the ads. I do not want the changes to affect the ability to view the content of the website.

Thank You!

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  1. Marshall

    I do not have a problem with your taking on advertising to support the web site and publication.
    The area that you focus on is of major interest to me. Please keep up the good work.
    Are you interested in having more HO Freemo module articles? I have been involved in the Freemo community for some time and have built 5 modules. I have noticed that the major rags (print and online) do not seem to cover us in any depth. I might be conned into writing something.
    Please advise.


    Jere Ingram

    1. I welcome information about other peoples layouts, modules and models! Whole articles would be great!

      Most of the Model Railroad publications within North America do not pay attention to the small layout or the modular communities. It is a money issue for them. We are the smaller crowd so we get little support. I could go on about this topic and maybe I should in a future article.

      I look forward to hearing more!!

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