Servo Mounting Bracket (bracket only)


3D Printed SG90 Servo Mounting Bracket for Turnout Control

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3D Printed SG90 Servo Mounting Bracket for Turnout Control

NOTE: This product is printed in PLA (Polylactic Acid). PLA is biodegradable and is not meant for use in direct sunlight or very hot conditions.

  • Includes mounting plate for one or two micro switches (micro switches not included)
  • Right Hand (RH) or LH mounting position (orientation)
  • We recommend using standard 2-56 machine screws or #2 sheet metal or wood screws to secure the servo (not included).
  • We recommend using standard 2-56 machine screws, nuts and washers to secure the micro switches (not included).
  • The two holes for mounting the micro switch plate work best if tapped to accept 2-56 machine screws (not included).
  • Pivot holes for the 0.032″ music wire actuator (not included) may need to be opened using a small drill bit.

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Author: Marshall Stull

5 thoughts on “Servo Mounting Bracket (bracket only)

  1. Hi, looks like great products. Is there a way to order them from abroad? I’m in Australia. Thanks, Rene

  2. i see you have r/l option – why?
    i guess i missed the reasoning… i do see the difference in part of the bracket… but
    don’t understand… why couldn’t it have been made for center..

    1. The arm of the servo IS centered. The body of the servo (the gear portion) sits off to one side of the servo. If room under the layout is tight, you may need body of the servo to lay to one side or the other. If there is plenty of room then it does not matter.

  3. Dear Mr. Stull:

    I have two questions. First, the article you reference for servo control boards mentions “12 channel” control. Can you recommend a control board for a single channel servo control?

    Second, if I only want to buy your 3D printed bracket for mounting the servo ONLY—NOT the part for mounting the micro switches—will you quote a price for that bracket only as a single item or in quantity?

    I will appreciate getting your response, thank you.


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