Turnout Control Servo Assembly with Bracket and Micro Switches


Turnout Control Servo Kit with Bracket and Micro Switches

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Turnout Control Servo Assembly with Bracket and Micro Switches

This single turnout mechanism has all the abilities of a Tortoise switch machine. This product is available in kit form.

NOTE: The bracket is printed in PLA (Polylactic Acid). PLA is biodegradable and is not meant for use in direct sunlight or very hot conditions.

This assembly includes:

  • SG90 Servo
  • 3D Printed (PLA) Mounting Bracket (select Right or Left)
  • Two Sub Micro Limit Switch Lever Arm SPDT 3 Terminal Momentary Switches
  • Screws, nuts and washers
  • Instructions

NOTE: This item does not include a servo driver board. All servos require a servo driver board to operate. See the article Turnout Control with Servos – Part II for more information and recommended driver boards.

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Left, Right

Author: Marshall Stull

6 thoughts on “Turnout Control Servo Assembly with Bracket and Micro Switches

  1. Bushings for end modules 1/4” where to buy? Can I buy Fremont module parts as in article.

  2. What’s the difference between the right and left option. Do you select based on whether using for – as applicable – right or left handed turnout?
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    1. The servo body is offset to one side and thus the actuating lever can be situated to the left or right side of the bracket. Unless you have a tight mounting situation either will work in most cases. It is not associated with the turnout type.

  3. One suggestion: Make one of the holes for mounting the microswitches into a slot so it can be adjusted. With my n-scale turnouts, the needed throw is quite small and may not reach the switch without overdriving the turnout points. Otherwise, works really great.

    1. Good suggestion! I do have a fix without having to modify the bracket though. If you are using the Pololu controller, the code allows you to fully control the amount of pressure applied to the turnout. You can also use a lighter wire with an “S” bend to allow more flex in the wire. If you need assistance with either of these, just ask!!

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