2013 Small Layout Design Meet

A group is putting together a meet-up on June 1 (with other social meets on Friday and Sunday) in Findlay OH. The meet is open to anyone who likes small, modular or micro layouts. Info is at the website https://sites.google.com/site/smalllayoutdesignmeet2013/

Everyone is encouraged to bring something to share. The meet is all about meeting others with similar interests, sharing modeling techniques and theories of smaller layouts — table-tops, shelf layouts, micro-layouts, pizzas, modules and modular layouts — and how they can be designed and built for enjoyment and modeling satisfaction.

Personally, I hope this grass roots effort gets enough appeal that a future Exhibition could come out of it like those in the UK and Australia.

I will be attending and bringing my Free-mo modules along with Mound City 1862 (even though it is far from finished). Mound city will be a discussion point for a discussion in Exhibition Style layout designs.

If you are in the area, please make the effort to attend!

Author: Marshall Stull

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