A Trip to Trainfest

2015 marked the first time I had ever been to Trainfest in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I took the family and we had a very good time at the show even though some unplanned events kept us from seeing all of the show.  The following are some images of the layouts I saw at the show. These are the best photos I was able to get with just an iPhone.

This small layout was tucked away and may have been overlooked by many. I found it very intriguing.




This module from a larger layout featured a nicely detailed harbor scene. The water and bridges set it apart.


I have seen layouts in suit cases before, but this one combined my other hobby with trains.


My family had to point out that I seemed to resemble this affliction.


This garden layout was very large and impressive. this view shows how far across this display was.


And just for fun, there was this Tornado animation.


Author: Marshall Stull

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  1. Yes, a great show. This year was my 10th consecutive year at Trainfest. One of the great “hidden secrets” is that on Saturday night, there are a few local layouts which hold open houses. They don’t publicize this, of course, but the next time you go, ask one of the locals! (Hint, hint…)

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