My name is Marshall Stull and I have been involved in Model Railroading since the 1970’s.

Until 2009 I was the lone wolf reading, planning, building but not sharing. I had no idea what I was missing. After being exposed to the works of Carl ArendtProf Klyzlr and many others especially on the small layout design yahoo group, my idea of model railroading will never be the same.

I am also a member of the SE-Michigan Free-mo Group. The free-mo standard allows you to build small very detailed modules that become part of a larger layout meant for prototypical operation. Free-mo is not just a display for going round in circles.

I am having so much fun now sharing and doing new things, I decided to share my experiences.

Thanks for looking in!!

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  1. Just found your site, very enjoyable! The Quincy Smelter plan is nothing short of spectacular! Have you worked on it since the page was posted? Looking forward to exploring the site and picking up some ideas!

  2. Are you still doing things with model railroading?
    I’m just taking it up since I became disabled and need a hobby.
    I Live in Garden City but worked down at Junction and Cecil near the John Kronk yard/line for many years.
    I like the info you have on many of those old lines around the State.

    1. Glad you like the articles! I do lots of model railroading. I have five layouts/projects in progress. I just re-joined the NMRA and will be attending the NCR Div 6 meetings at the Civic Center Senior Center in Livonia.

      Small layouts are great for people who have mobility issues. No need to crawl under or lift heavy sections.

      if you have stories about the old lines, I would like to hear them.

    1. Thanks! Been very busy with work latly so i am behind on my posts. Always good to hear appreciation.

      That is a nice little facility! 1,726 feet total length. That would be 20 ft in HO or around 10 in N scale.

  3. Hi Marshall, I studied photography at SIU Carbondale back in the mid 70’s and have been interested in the American Civil War since the centennial. While a student I went to Mound City and Cairo and got some photos of historical areas with a 4×5 camera. I found the black and white negatives recently and while trying to identify them I came across your MC article while searching for a photo of the hospital in Mound City. Turns out the image I have is quite similar to the one from the Ladoga Canning image. I’d like to share that image with you if you are interested. Recently, I have been experimenting with photographing miniature railroad sets using lighting and optics to create a dramatic effect. Clearly we are railroading for different reasons, but I would like to get your opinion on the work. I found your Mound City article fascinating with the use of images as a backdrop.

    Thanks, Don

    1. Hello Don,

      I would love to see the image. All the ones I have found have been very low resolution and very grainy. this might help me with the details to do the scratch build!


  4. Hello Marshall & Happy Memorial Day.
    As and FYI…your 2020 SLC Update did arrive. Thank you.
    Please continue posting. You has built a great website that is a pleasure to visit/re-visit.
    Hope to see you soon in The-New-Normal.
    Carmel, Indiana

    1. Hello Charles,

      Thank you for the compliment and Happy Memorial Day to you too! I have been slow posting this year but life has been very busy. I am very much looking forward to getting back to train shows and other train related events soon.


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