Layout Spot Light – The Bigfoot Spotters Excursion Railway


Every so often I come across layouts that just, lets just say “scratch that itch”. So it was when I saw the Bigfoot Spotters Excursion Railway (BSER) by Chris Walas. I found the BSER while looking for inspiration for a pizza layout.


Per Chris; the subject for my 2013 pizza Snowflake challenge. The railway will be the Bigfoot Spotters Excursion Railway (BSER). Perched high atop Mt. Hooey, the railway provides paying customers with a revolving 360 degree view of the entire Mt. Hooey area, where Bigfoot is seen abundantly. I know this sounds mundane, but I’m hoping to add some silliness to it all.

IMG_6371_zpsb0573785 IMG_6370_zpsaa08e6f5 IMG_6369_zps9c761bb4 IMG_6368_zpscb0587f4 IMG_6362_zps35511028 IMG_3118_zpsf10c1160

I think it is a job well done. The full build article can be found on the GnATTERbox at

Author: Marshall Stull

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