Deadrail for Free-mo

Battery locomotive components from left to right: Battery, Low Battery Alarm, DRS1 reciever

Did a quick video of the new setup of an HO scale Deadrail System. Deadrail is when there is no power to the rails and the trains run on batteries. First tests look VERY promising. I plan on trying a series of tests on the Free-mo setup at the National Train Show in Cleveland OH next week.

Deadrail System = Tam Valley (
DCC system = JMRI (, SPROG II (, WI Throttle (
Decoder = Tsunami (
Battery = 860mha 7.4V 35C (local RC hobby shop)
Protection = Venom Low Voltage Monitor (
Drive Locomotive = LifeLike P2K (gears replaced)
Dummy Loco = Old Athearn GP35

I plan on trying a series of tests on the Free-mo setup at the NTS next week. This is going to be a very large layout with multiple loops. Should be a good test bed for endurance and battery life.

The smoothness of the locomotive is unbelievable!

Author: Marshall Stull

6 thoughts on “Deadrail for Free-mo

  1. NTS ?
    Living in a european country, it would be sometimes helpful if writers signed their name also together with town or state,

    1. Sorry Ian!

      I sometimes forgot I have an international audience. Feel free to ask for clarification any time!

      NTS is “National Train Show”. It will be in Cleveland Ohio July 25 – 27, 2014.

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